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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Signs, Decals, and Banners

Q - What kind of decals do you make?

A - We make ALL TYPES of decals for inside and outside applications.

Q - How do we get started?

A - Give us the size, number of colors, for inside or outside application.  We will figure a price.

Q -  When we approve the price, what next?

A - Fax, email or mail us a rough draft of the information for the decal and we will do a layout and fax it back to you for your approval, along with an order form.

Q - How long does it take after the layout & order form are signed, dated and faxed back?

A - 10 working days.

Q - How long do the inks last?

A - UV  and Conventional inks will last 2 –4 years depending on the color.  For longer life we suggest laminating the decals.  This adds about a year.

Q - How well will the decals stick?

A - We have several types of Vinyl for different applications, from removable to long lasting.

Q - What if I want a round or irregularly shaped decal?

A - We have an assortment of dies; round, ovals, octagon etc.  We design the size and shape of the decal to fit one of our stock dies.  If we do not have the size or shape we can have a die made.

Q - I want a yard sign, what types of materials do you have?

A - We print on Komatex (plastic), Aluminum, and Coloplast (fluted plastic).

Q - What are my payment choices?

A - We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, cash, and checks.

Q - Do you offer shipping?

A - We ship via UPS.  Please provide a UPS shipping address.

Q - Do you make decals on a roll?

A - Yes

Q - Do you print textiles?

A - Yes

Q - Do you do vehicle wraps?

A - Yes - we make ALL types of vehicle wraps

Q - What type of banner material do you use?

A - We use a variety of banner materials including long lasting, high-quality, weather resistant, 14 oz vinyl.



If you have any further questions or need more information on our decals and other products, please contact us with your views and reviews.